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Evernote Moleskin, trying the new features

26th Aug 2012

As a keen and long time Evernote user I was excited to read about the Evernote Moleskin notebooks which are to be made available soon (see video), but I didn’t want to wait until October to try it out, so I made my own Evernote paper based on the designs visible in the video.

My version of the Evernote Paper

As well as the paper, the Moleskin notebooks will also come with stickers which will act as Tags when the pages have been captured and added to Evernote. I’ve created my own image tag and tried it out, it seems to work well, so although the notebooks are not yet available, all the features seem to be available via the latest version of the iPhone app.

Analogue tagging: adding a white cross in an orange box automatically adds a “rejected” tag.

The page capture feature seems to work well for any documents, and any skew in the images are corrected for (by using edge detection I assume). I’m not sure what advantage there is from the dotted grid pattern on the paper used in the Moleskin Notebook(see update below) but if you want to give it a try for yourself, here’s a PDF that uses my version of the grid pattern, print it out and give it a try.

Update (27/08/2012)

According to a post over at the Evernote forum, the Moleskin Paper is only required to enable the Smart Stickers to work. (I assume the pattern allows the software to determine the size of the Smart Stickers)

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  1. Bobby B. permalink

    I’m testing out your paper but it doesn’t seem to be fixing the skew…. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. It definitely turns out brighter with the page camera toggle turned on though.

  2. According to Evernote the grid pattern on the Moleskin paper is only required for the Tag Stickers, it’s not used for alignment. When capturing an image of a document using the page function, it helps if the whole document fits within the rectangle on the iPhone’s screen, it also helps if there is contrast between the document and the background i.e. it has to detect the edge of the paper to correct for any skew.

    It’s a shame it doesn’t use the grid pattern for alignment, that way it would be possible to capture small (less than the whole page) areas of a document and still have the alignment correction work.

  3. Bobby B. permalink

    Evernote’s blog says it is used for alignment… I’ve done various tests fitting the whole grid in the window and nothing else, but the skew does not get fixed. Guess we’ll see!

    “The scanner works fine with any regular $12 Moleskine, but the Smart Notebook has its lines or grid (there are two versions) made out of dotted lines. The app sees these and uses them to correct for distortion. It also removes shadows and enhances contrast.

  4. yes, I’d read that line, that was one of the reasons I made my own version of the paper, I wanted to try it out to figure out exactly what the grid pattern added (The Moleskin Notebooks are a little pricey, but I do quite like the look of them). From my current investigations I think only the edge of the paper is used for alignment, with the grid there to enable the tag stickers only. I guess the inclusion of the grid/lines allows the software to determine the size of any coloured squares and determine if they are actually tag stickers or not.

    It’s a little disappointing as I think Evernote could have done a lot more, with their experience in OCR they could have added the ability to automatically add tags based on text within the document via some form of markup e.g #I’m a tag/#, or even add a note title. Adding tags would be more reliable than a title as Evernote could check any marked-up text against your existing list of tags.

  5. Ollie permalink

    Hi Mark,
    I have done the same thing you did with recreating that grid sheet (9x14cm). However, I also made the paper size exactly the same. As well as the stickers. I have used the app and it works perfectly! Haven’t had any errors whatsoever. Let me know if you would like to post the PDF and I can send it to you. The Stickers are on a separate layer either in Acrobat or Illustrator. I have also created a transparency so you can overlay it on top of any sketch/note.


    • Hi Ollie,

      can you please post the PDF somewhere? I’m sure many of us would like to try your version 🙂


    • Bobby B. permalink

      Ollie, a scan of your sheet completely fixes the skew like it was scanned on a flat bed scanner?

    • david permalink

      Can you please post the PDF somewhere?
      I want to try the smart stickers features.

    • Olli U permalink

      Hi, Ollie,
      is there a Way to get your PDF with the Moleskine pattern and the stickers. I am very interested.
      Thanks in advance,

      greetings from Germany

      Olli (yes, :-))

    • Hey Ollie… did you ever post your paper PDF link anywhere? Would love to try it! Thanks.

    • Hey Ollie… just wondering if you ever posted links to your your PDF somewhere? Would love to try it. Thanks!

  6. Bobby B. permalink

    I’m hoping your file just isn’t “quite right” and the actual notebooks will fix the skew. Are really that many people going to add these stickers to their pages? I just don’t see me using the stickers. But I use do use Scanner Pro and it works great, but having something like it built into Evernote would be awesome. I guess we will wate and see.

    • I’m using the actual notebook, and it doesn’t fix the skew. I’ve just opened a support ticket regarding this to see what they say. My assumption at this stage is that it fixes the skew for OCR, not for the image itself, as the text in them is still scanned and searchable. The sticker tags seem hit and miss depending on the lighting conditions too, I find it’s most reliable when I use the flash.

  7. Hey! Just made a new template using note shelf with the yellowish tone of the evernote’s pages and this works LIKE a charm! also using the stickers images and inserting them on the note.

    Indeed the camera uses the dots to adjust and realign the picture and it just works awesome!.

    If you want me to, i can post you the link with the template, the stickers (including the smith arrow one) and a few screenshots (trial purposes of course it’s kinda lame to take a picture from your ipad (you can just export the note from noteshelf hehe)

    • Some links to your docs would be very much appreciated I think.

    • Yes, post a PDF please.
      I’m taking my stickers to the art store to find some exact color pencil matches, figure a few pencils might be as good as a stack of stickers in a shoulderbag,

    • Would love the links 🙂

  8. Simon permalink

    I would recommend using the whitelines pdf for paper and the free whitelines app to capture notes to evernote. I can’t be bothered with the stickers. Evernote should have made it possible for the top line to be the title of the note??

    • Whitelines looks great, just trying it out now.

      • Simon permalink

        Glad you like it. I’ve also added an ifttt recipe here

        This enables you to title and tag your notes by first uploading to springpad via personal email, ifttt then sends on to evernote. Upload is also faster this way, but it will take 15 mins to forward note to evernote.

      • Simon permalink

        Unfortunately the rss feed feature only works on public notes, so this method won’t be very private.

  9. John Foley permalink

    Jorge Ferreira mention an improved PDF. is a link available?

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