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My Windows 8 installation woes

26th Oct 2012

Just a quick post to describe my issues upgrading from Win 7 to Win 8.

Disk Space

The in-place upgrade requires 20GB of free disk space. As my OS is installed on a 60GB SSD this was an issue. I had to remove a lot of programs (including Office 365, which, very annoyingly, does not offer a choice of installation directory!). I also moved the “My Documents” folder from my User folder (not manually, I told Windows to relocate it) to my 2nd drive, as this was taking up a lot of space.

Location of User data

After I’d managed to create 20GB of free space, the installation continued, only to get stuck at “Preparing 64%“. It took some effort to discover the problem. It turned out that fixing the disk space problem had created a new problem. Even though I had used Windows to relocate the My Documents folder, Windows didn’t like it, there seems to be an issue migrating user data during the Win 8 install if the User’s data is not located in the default directory i.e. C:\Users\[Username]\….. Many people change the default directory so that user data is installed on a separate drive or partition, for me at least, this seemed to be the cause of the problem. After I moved the My Documents folder back to the default directory, the installation was a success (it took many hours to discover this issue).

Hope this little note will help someone who has a similar problem.

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